Hi, I'm James

I've been working in music production for over 10 years and have amassed lots of experience. Below is a kind of cliff notes version of my career;

I started out as a live sound engineer working on everything from standup comedy to big stage shows with dancers singers acrobats...The works! I then decided I wanted to focus on making records so I studied for a degree in music production at York St Johns University. Upon completing said degree I started up Top 5 Studio as a local recording studio in the centre of my home town of Wakefield. I then took all the experience I'd gained and began teaching record production at undergraduate level. More recently I've decided to focus on helping artists who self produce, I love characterful recordings and emotive performance's that people make on laptops in their bedrooms. I use my experience to mix and master that music so that it can have a greater impact.

Mixing With Top 5

When employing a mix engineer for your project it's important to have someone who understands your project. I believe in collaborating when facilitating your vision. For these reasons I operate a pay as you feel business model, once you've heard your mixed track you can decide what it's worth to you.

Mastering With Top 5

Mastering is not simply about loudness, it's the head chef saying the food is ready to be served! Through the experience I have amassed I know when something has too much or too little seasoning... I also know how to master a record for whatever medium you want to put it out on. Get in touch for an example mastered track and quote for your record.